By Lauren Denos: 12/28/2015 (Fitness)

I am not about to tell you to not drink and do crazy wild activities on New Years Eve, because that is what New Years Eve is usually used for and you would not listen to me anyway. Instead I am going to talk to you about what kind of fun games you can play that will keep you active. And if you are going to drink what the best drinks to have are and some helpful tips on avoiding the dreaded hangover.

New Years is a fun night of debauchery but you can hide some fitness in your festivities as well! All of the games I point out below can be played sober or buzzed.

  1. Twister. Twister is a true party game. This can work your balance, strength and flexibility and best of all, all you are thinking about is the fun you are having not the workout that is taking place.

  2. Charades. The classic game of flailing around because you can not use your words to communicate. People do not realize the amount of a workout you can get just from the flailing around and it sure beats just sitting in one place.

  3. Dance Dance Revolution. This video game has become popular, probably because people realize how ridiculous they look doing it and love the laughing that can ensue. If you are playing this game for very long at a party you wind up working off most of the snacks you are eating.

  4. Butt balloon popping relay race game. I just saw this recently being played at bachelorette party. This is a game where you tape or tie balloons to your butt and one person is against a chair and the person behind them has to pop it by squeezing it between you and themselves. You can imagine how this looks, which is why it is so dang funny and the women were having so much fun and so embarrassed all at the same time. Once the balloon has been popped the person who popped it braces themselves on the chair and the whole thing starts over again until one team has all of their balloons popped. This may be too racey for some, but many people on new years like racey wild games.


Straight spirits will be a better choice since they do not have all the extra added sugars that many mixed drinks do. This is helpful if sugar is a problem for you, of course if sugar is too big of an issue you probably should not be drinking at all, but at least we can cut the extra added sugar out. I will be posting the virgin variety of a few drinks that I am listing bellow on the site, all you have to do is add alcohol or you can party like I do and keep in virgin.

  1. Vodka Tonic- a simple drink like this will probably be the best. They are low in calories and have no added sugars. But if you have to have a mixed drink keep reading.

  2. Homemade Cranberry vodka – Use unsweetened cranberry juice or unsweetened cranberry juice concentrate, mix that with a few drops of stevia, mineral water of your choice and then vodka.

  3. Homemade Mojito - All you need is a little bit of lime juice, some fresh mint, mineral water, a few drops of stevia and rum. So simple and the virgin variety is just as good!

  4. Homemade Pina colada – fresh pineapple, real coconut milk, stevia and rum. You will get something far superior to the overly sweet fake stuff you buy in the store.

  5. Homemade Mudslide – Milk or coconut milk, some unsweetened coco, instant espresso, some stevia and vodka. Coconut milk is a great option if you have issue with lactose.

Rules for drinking

If you are going to drink then help yourself avoid ending your night too soon or having a crazy hangover the next day. Here are some rules to follow.

  1. Drink 16 oz of water between each alcoholic drink, especially hard liquor

  2. Make sure you have some food in your system. I know some people will purposely not eat before they drink so they can get buzzed faster, but really that is not a very nice thing to do to your body.

  3. Drink some electrolytes before you go to bed.

  4. Pace yourself. You have all night, if you drink too much right away you lose that buzz and go straight to drunk, then it is not long before you are out of the game for the rest of the night, and really where is the fun in that?

  5. I am sure you hear this every dang year, but it will be said again, don't drive after you have been drinking. Don't think about if you are safe, think about the possibility of hurting someone else, you do not want that on your conscious.

There is so much more you can do and so many other recipes you can think of I am merely getting you started on the path to creating a New Years Eve that you will enjoy and hopefully remember without all of the headaches the next day. Happy New Years!!!



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