By Lauren Denos: 11/26/2014 (Fitness)

Do you have times that you feel bored no matter how you change your routine? Then you may need a change of scenery!

Sometimes the smallest, simplest things can have such a large impact on your workout. When you do something simple, like change your scenery, it can completely re-energized your workouts. Here are some benefits of changing your scenery:

  1. It changes your associations with the location. Maybe you have been very tired, lazy, or frustrated at your old location. Or maybe you have had some sort of bad experience in your current location; thinking someone was watching you or judging you. When you change where you are, you can let all your old baggage go. Things can color how you perceive a place, when you change your location you get a fresh start. The great thing about this is if you decide to go back to that same location in the future, you have distance from it and can start fresh at your old location as well.
  2. You can add in a sense of adventure. There is excitement and adventure that comes with discovering somewhere new. This can be discovering a new class or a new trail. It also takes you out of your comfort zone. We eventually get super comfortable with our gym, our class, or our trail. Changing things up breaks that pattern and gets us to explore beyond our comfort zone. Simply checking out a new location can make us feel more adventurous and add a jolt of excitement into your life.
  3. Different scenery changes how you work out. Changing your location changes how you are working out in many different ways. If you are switching to trail running you suddenly need to watch your footing, so you are dealing with balance. You are using your muscles differently which can increase effectiveness. If you are switching to a new gym you have to discover the new equipment that may be slightly different. But aside from that, it changes the intensities of your workout. This prevents becoming stagnant doing the same old thing in the same old place. You get a new surge of energy. It gets you out of old ruts.
  4. Change regains focus. When you go somewhere new it can help you regain your focus. When a place becomes familiar, you can get stuck in going through the motions. You are not just going through the motions when you try somewhere new. Rather, the change of focus makes you concentrate more on how you are going to do your new workout. You may also have less people you know, which promotes less talking and more exercise.
  5. It kicks bad habits. Along with creating a comfort zone when we are in a regular place, we can also acquire some bad habits. It may just be that you were sick and had to go light on yourself for awhile. But instead of going back to the intensity you were at before, you created a habit of going light on yourself. From this, you subconsciously decided when you are at your normal gym that it is okay to keep it light. When you change up your scenery, you get a fresh start and will not use the colorations you have had before, breaking this negative habit.
  6. Change stimulates your creativity. I know what you are thinking, "creativity with my fitness?" Yes! Creativity in your fitness can make a huge difference between just going through the motions and really enjoying it. The new scenery on top of this can stir that creativity in you. Looking around could inspire a ton of new ideas of ways to workout. For instance, on a beach, you could see rocks and come up with a routine by filling up a bag with sand and using it as a workout tool.

Put life back into your routine!

I change my scenery often. I use my amazing gym for a spell, then go work out on a favorite trail for a while, and then go to a class or find another outdoor location. The point is there are so many different ways and locations that can inspire and motivate you. Do not settle for the same old, boring routine. Find something new and put the life back into your workout!



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