By Lauren Denos: 3/20/2015 (Ask Lauren)

Dear Lauren,

I have heard from some people that I should do my cardio first. Then I have heard from others that I should do weights first. Which one is the right way?

Thank you,


Dear Alli,

In all reality, this is about personal preference. Generally, if you do not like cardio, then it is good to get it over with before you do the rest of your workout. This is because if you start with the weight training first, the temptation is to spend all of your time on weight training and never get to the cardio, because you "run out of time" or you’re just too tired by then, and vice versa.

Some people do weight training first since their muscles are fresh. In doing so, they use all that energy on the weight training, because it is easier to keep good correct form when you have more energy. Conversely, many people like to do cardio first, so they are really nice and warmed up when they get to their weight training. Still others do not even do cardio and weight training on the same day. Instead, they will do an every other day weight training and every other day cardio.

I would suggest testing out a few different routines and see what works best for you. Test each out for a week. So, for the first week, start off with cardio and then weights. Then flip flop them the second week. During the third week, test out doing every other day weight training and every other day cardio. See which feels best for you. The most important thing is to be just getting a workout in no matter what order you choose to do it.




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