By Lauren Denos: 5/22/2015 (Ask Lauren)

Dear Lauren,

I want to start a new workout routine, but there is a lot of variety available, which workouts are the best?

Thank you,


Dear Steffany,

This is one of the easiest questions yet! The simple answer is: go with the routine you will enjoy and stick with! One of the biggest reasons a workout routine does not get you the results you want, is because people do not enjoy what they are doing and therefore quit very early on. If you like dancing then take dancing classes, if you like running join a running group. If you can, it is best to find a few workouts you enjoy doing so you can rotate them around.

Also find a way to incorporate some weight training in there as well. For your weight training you may want to hire a trainer, go to a gym you find comfortable, or you may just want to get a set of weights and do some weight training in your home. You can also do a lot with body weight anywhere you are, meaning you can even get in a great workout in your living room.

You will hear plenty of people say that there is one right way, one right workout to get results, the problem is, they are all talking about different routines. There is a reason for so much variety with workouts and opinions, it is because we are all so different, therefore different things work for each of us. The underlying concept with anything you choose to take on in life is that if you find something you enjoy. You will stick with it much longer that way rather than if you are attempting to force yourself to do something you hate. Besides you work all day, isn't it nice to go do something you enjoy for your workout after that?

Go kick some butt and LIVE FULL OUT!




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