By Lauren Denos: 11/4/2015 (Fitness)

For this workout all you need is a bench and a little bit of motivation. This workout will give you a great core workout as well as hitting the legs. Aim for 3 sets of each if you can. After you start doing this, you will want to workout every time you see a park bench!

12 V Ups
To start this exercise put your body into an almost flat position, you still want to be hovering just above a flat position so that your muscles stay contracted. Then you will bring your upper body and your legs together at the same time and a slow controlled way. Keep your upper body as straight as possible and only v up as far as you can while keeping good form and control. It can be helpful to keep your hands under your lower back for stability, but make sure you are not using your arms too much, this is meant to be a core exercise.


12 Skip Ups (on each leg)
If you do not have basic skipping down then you may want to start on the ground, but if you have been doing skipping with the past workouts I have been posting then you will like the added challenge. For this you will step sideways onto a bench with one foot and then use that leg on the bench to propel yourself up into a skip. It is awkward at first but you'll catch on really quick.


12 V Ups


12 Split Leg Bench Jumps
This really is as basic as it looks. You will be straddling the bench and then spring yourself up to standing on top of the bench. Then control yourself back down to the side of the bench. Be as controlled as possible and always land as lightly as you can.


12 V Ups


12 Push Ups
Start in a plank position. Your hands under your shoulders but slightly wider. You want your hands facing forward, think of your middle finger pointing straight ahead. When you go down you want to keep your arms in closer to your body verses letting them fly away. Keep your body firm. You should not have any movement in your midsection when you do this exercise, you do not want the midsection or the knees drooping. Keep your legs and glutes tight. This will help you keep your body strong and straight throughout the pushup. The only thing that should be moving is your arms, your feet are your pivot point.


12 V Ups

12 Squat + Kick Back
(alternate leg for the kickback)
For this exercise you want to sit back as if you were sitting back into a chair. Keep the chest up and the abs tight. Keep your heels grounded and do not let your knees go over your toes. When coming up from the squat, press through your heels and the outer edge of your feet. If your knees are buckling or bowing then shorten your range of motion. When you have completed your squat then do a straight back leg kick, keep your glutes tight and squeeze while you are kicking. Keep your upper body upright and stable. This is good for balance and coordination, plus it can give your booty a good added squeeze!



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