By Lauren Denos: 3/1/2015 (Concerns)

Supplements - Bet you didn’t think that the supplements you take can be causing bloating as well, did ya? If you are taking something new, it could have a number of reactions in the body, one of which is bloating. Whenever you are adding new supplements into your system, do one at a time for a few weeks to a month. This way you will know how they react in your system. If you add too many things at once, it becomes more challenging to discover which one the offender is.

Some other causes can be: stress, irritable bowel syndrome (Link), obstruction in the intestines, water retention, kidney or liver disorders, diabetes and smoking. Overall, if you are having bloating issues due to food, test out eliminating the culprits. If you do not know what it is or are unwilling to give it up then a digestive enzyme may be the trick for you. If you seem to have an issue with bloating no matter what you eat then you may need to look at your stress level (Link). Stress does cause intestinal upset, so if that is the case start using some methods to reduce the stress. Better bowel health in general can help with bloating problems, and a great way to take better care of your bowels is to take a probiotic.

This article has touched on quite a few things that can cause bloat, but it is by no means the full, exhaustive list. Hopefully this give you the insight you need to get to the root of your bloating.

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