By Lauren Denos: 11/12/2015 (Fitness)

I understand that when the holidays come around your healthy eating and workout routines can get thrown out the window and rightfully so. For many of us we are seeing family that we do not get time to see much of the year so it makes sense to spend your time with them instead of wandering off to hit a workout. Now if you are okay with getting away from your family for a mere hour then hit the gym or go for a run, but if not then it is time to think of some activities that you can do with your family to keep your fitness up, get some quality time and possibly even help your family and friends create some healthy new habits. Here are some activity ideas.

Outdoor Activities

  • Family hike

  • game of volley ball

  • snow shoeing

  • cross country skiing

  • Sledding

  • Build a snowman

  • Flag foot ball

  • Nerf battle

Indoor Games

  • Charades

  • Simon says

  • twister

  • Dance party

What about food? You can enjoy the fattier richer foods that are common holiday favorites and also have healthy options so that you are not sick at the end of the evening. If you are a family that lays out snacks before thanksgiving dinner, then look at snacks that could be a bit healthier than what you would normally set out. Now keep in mind healthier does not always need to be tasteless. Granted you can go for the regular veggie trays and fruit trays, but dress them up with homemade sauces like a pesto dip or a Greek yogurt onion and garlic dip. Or you can create things that will be something different unique and nutritious. Broccoli bacon bites (we will be posting the recipe) is a great one, it is not super low fat, but it is choc full of broccoli and has no grains or dairy for the food sensitive people in your family. Get creative! There is so much you can do.

For the dinner you can make our orange cranberry sauce that is made with no sugar instead of the sugar laden cranberry sauce bought at the store. You can make sure you have a tasty vegetable option to go with your dinner, you can do orange glazed carrots or braised green beans. The point is not to have perfectly healthy food or low fat, it is just that you add a bit more nutrients into your holiday meal. If you are one of those people who gorge a little too much on food so that you feel horrible after a holiday meal then load up on veggies first. You will probably still get ridiculously full but the veggies will digest faster than all the meat and heavy foods in your system so that you are not in pain for a ridiculously long time. Remember you can always take home leftovers, you do not have to eat everything in one sitting. Enjoy the holiday season and make some healthy choices that are enjoyable as well.

The bottom line is that it is not going to kill your health to have an over abundance of fatty sugary foods this one day, but if you are wanting to add some healthy habits into this day, it is possible. Get creative! There is no reason that Thanksgiving needs to be a day of only sitting around and eating. Get some movement in and at the same time add a little bit of fun into your Thanksgiving!



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