By Lauren Denos: 5/5/2015 (Fitness)

This routine is easy to do in your living room and all you need is a Swiss ball. Aim for 3 sets of each exercise, but reduce the sets if you need a lighter workout or if you have a shortage of time. For all the exercises (except the mountain climbers) you should use slow and controlled movements. The slow controlled part is where you will get the most out of this workout. On your cardio days, choose a cardio activity you like such as: running, biking, dancing, etc. Whatever cardio activity you choose, push yourself to do as much as you can.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

12 Bridges.

Make sure you squeeze your Butt (glutes) while you are coming off of the ground. You want the squeezing glutes to be the reason you are lifting up.

20 Mountain climbers

Balancing your forearms on the Swiss ball you will be bringing one leg in at a time and then switch, like you are running. Keep you pace as fast as you can reasonably do this and keep your abs tight.

10 Pikes

Roll out onto the ball until just your feet shins are on the ball. Keep your abdominal tight and roll the ball in to bring your body up into the pike. Only go as far up as you can. You may go even more perfectly vertical than I am or you may only be able to go a few inches into the pose, that is fine, you will improve with time.

12 Roll ins

 Roll out onto the ball until just your feet shins are on the ball. Keep your abdominal tight and tuck your knees in. Straighten back out and do it again. Like pikes the range of motion will depend on strength and flexibility, so only do what you can.

12 Reverse Fly on Ball

Use the ball as you would a bench for a normal reverse fly. You are steadying yourself with your feet and your chest should just be at the edge of the ball. In these images I used gallon sized water bottles and I will say that it is much easier to use regular weights for this or just something smaller since the water bottles were kind of close to the ground making me bend my elbows a bit more than usual. For fly's I normally like to use the idea of hugging a barrel. Your shoulder blades are the pivot point and your arm position should not change. At the top of the motion think of squeezing a pencil between your shoulder blades.

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (Saturday is Optional)

Cardio of your choice. Anything that gets your heart pumping and your lungs working harder.



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